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Master Planning & Landscaping

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• Urban Master Planning
• Landscaping Design
• Feasibility Studies

• Project Identification, Studies & Surveys
• Preliminary Study Elaboration
• Environmental Assessments

​Featured Projects

Al Madina A’Zarqa, Blue City

Phase 1, Apartments, Muscat, Oman

Architectural & Mechanical & Electrical Engineering & Infrastructure

Al Madina A’ Zarqa (Blue City) Phase 1 is one of the largest touristic real-estate residential developments in the Middle East, located along the Al-Sawadi coastal region in Muscat, in the Sultanate of Oman. The Project covers an area of 34km² and 15km beachfront. Blue City will be an entirely new city, which will include residential, retail, commercial, educational, hospital and leisure properties and facilities. It is expected to accommodate more than 250,000 permanent and visiting residents. Section 1.1.2: Amphitheatre Apartments - 200 units, Gross Building Area: 61,500m², Section 1.4.2 : Amphitheatre Apartments - 200 units, Gross Building Area: 59,500m², Section 1.5.2 : Tourist Village - International Village Apartments - 810 units, Gross Building Area: 148,659m², Section 1.5.3: Tourist Village - Heritage Village Residential - 589 units, Gross Building Area: 141,360m², Section 1.9.1:Tourist Village International Apartments - 528 units, Gross Building Area: 165,264m² Section 1.10.3: Parkside Community - Residential Apartments - 504 units, Gross Building Area: 75,600m². The scope of work included: Water Supply - Potable Water/ Sewage and Rainwater / Fire protection/ HVAC/ Lighting / Power / Electrical Substations / Telephones-Data / RTV-Satelite / Sound Facilities/ Lightning and Earthing / Elevators / Gas.

Pedio Areos Park

Rearrangement and Planning, Athens, Greece

Architectural Design & Landscaping

The rearrangement and planning of the Municipal ‘Pedion Areos’ Park is based mainly on the principles of respect of the site and its historical importance (since 1880) for the increase of the green areas and planting and also functionality and utility for the citizens. All the above are met by enhancing the historic monuments and sculptures by creating areas of historical interest, by minimization of tiling and cement flooring, the improvement of existing flora and planting new plants and trees (94.000) compatible with the local microclimate and an increase of the security devices to protect visitors from various hazards on a 24 hour basis. Moreover, a friendly and pleasant surrounding has been created for the visitors together with an improvement or creation of spaces for spots, leisure, entertainment and cultural events. There has been an upgrading and conversion the existing Park open air Theatre to a multi-functional space of an area of 3,000m². A skateboard space has been designed as well as a mind track for running and a network of bicycle ways. A maze by Attica flora is to be created in the shape of the Minoan Labyrinth. Water features will provide a fresh and cooling feeling. An important point has been the provision of all kinds of facilities for the access of handicapped persons to all open and covered spaces of the park.
The project was a 50% in collaboration with Meletitiki A. N. Tombazis Ltd.

Al Maktoum Road Corridor

Traffic Engineering, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Infrastructure, Landscaping & Supervision

The project was assigned following the award of the first prize for a Dubai Municipality design competition.

Its objective was the detailed planning and programming of development of a 550 ha. area along the main artery of Dubai and its related urban zone. The study covered proposals and cost estimates for central infrastructure as well as land use zoning, urban design, dhow wharf-age, development controls and incentives.

The second stage comprised detailed design and construction supervision of Al Maktoum road’s service roads, sewage, storm drainage and landscaping.

Al Jubail Industrial Complex

Master Plan Update & Transportation Study, Saudi Arabia


The project started with an update of the Master Plan of Al Jubail Industrial Complex New Community to accommodate 255,000 inhabitants instead of the original 350,000 forecasted by the first 1978 Master Plan.

This Community is located north of the Al Jubail Industrial area, one of the largest in the world, covering a zone of 90km².

Planning work was later followed by the development of a sophisticated traffic computer model based on the UTPS software, in order to assess the capacities of the planned road network and to amend its design parameters according to the updated Master Plan. A new public transport system was also included.

Athens International Airport

Master Plan and Structural Design, Joint Venture, Greece

Structural Design & Infrastructure

The Firm was involved in this project during two separate stages. First, in 1979 - 1981 as a member of the GREDECO-NACO joint venture when the original Master Plan was prepared and second in 1996-1998 as a structural designer for various building assigned to the firm by HOCHTIEF AG concessionaire and contractor of the new Airport. In 1979 the Greek State awarded a contract to GREDECO, a Joint Venture of 3 Greek design firms and the Dutch firm NACO to review an existing old Master Plan and produce all designs necessary to construct a new International airport at Spata, northeast of Athens.

The new Master Plan was approved, the preliminary design of installations and infrastructure were finalized and a tender for earthworks was awarded to a contractor. Following the completion of most of the earthworks the work was halted for several years. It was resumed in 1996 when HOCHTIEF AG was awarded a concession to build and operate the new International Airport. HOCHTIEF contracted the preparation of structural designs and shop drawings for various buildings, including: The Air Traffic Control Building and Tower and the Buildings and Ground Equipment Maintenance Complex.

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