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Mechanical & Electrical Engineering

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• Plumbing & Irrigation
• Fire Protection
• Electrical (Power, Lighting, Ultra low voltage)
• People Conveying Systems
• Lightning Protection (earthing)

• Security Systems
• Building Controls
• Swimming Pools and Water Features
• Industrial Networks (Steam, Gas, Industrial Cooling, etc.)
• Special Installations (Conveyor Belts, Walk-in Refrigerators, etc.)

​Featured Projects

Olympic Athletic Centre of Athens

Athens 2004 Stadium by Santiago Calatrava, Athens, Greece

Mechanical & Electrical Engineering & Infrastructure

The project for the aesthetic integration of the Olympic Athletic Centre of
Athens (OAKA) was designed by the well-known Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava.

The project included the following partial projects: Service infrastructure,
outdoor areas and surroundings of the Athens Olympic centre / Velodrome Roof / Redesign of velodrome interior (5,250 spectators capacity) / Main Olympic Stadium roof / Service spaces / Wall of Nations / Olympic Centre Entrances / Tunnels / Parking Lots /Athletes warmup facilities.

The scope of work included: Water Supply / Sewage and Rainwater / Fire
Protection / Lighting / Power / Electrical Substation / Telephones - Data / Sound Facilities / CCTV) / Lighting and Earthing / Elevators / Special installation (compressed air, vacuum system, gases, etc.)

The Westin and The Romanos Resort

Luxury Hotel Resorts, Costa Navarino, Messinia, Greece

Architectural, Mechanical & Electrical Engineering, Infrastructure, Landscaping

The Costa Navarino tourist development is constructed in the area of Romanos, in western Peloponnese on a sea side plot of 1.431,000m² overlooking the Ionian Sea. The Complex consists of two five star Luxury Hotels The Romanos - Costa Navarino Starwood’s Luxury Collection (289 rooms and 32 suites and presidential suite) and The Westin Resort - Costa Navarino Starwood’s Westin Hotels and Resorts, (445 rooms and suites and presidential suite), a Congress Centre (capacity of 2,000 persons), a Spa and Thalassotherapy Centre  (4,000m²), a Health and Fitness Center and a 18-hole  golf course.

Small electrically operated vehicles enable access to all the complex facilities. The health and fitness center is an underground construction overlooking a lake and surrounded by a garden. It includes swimming pools, saunas, steam baths and Jacuzzi in a secluded yard. Sustainability was the main guide for the design of the project (bioclimatic architecture, geothermal energy used for heating and cooling purposes and innovative energy-saving techniques).

​50% of Construction Drawings in collaboration with Meletitiki - A.N.Tombazis Ltd.

Anantara Hotel

5 Star Luxury Hotel, Muscat, Oman

Mechanical & Electrical Engineering & Infrastructure

The 5 Star Luxury Hotel of the Anantara Resorts Hotel Group, with a capacity of 300 beds, consists of deluxe bungalows, a 350m² Spa, 3 outdoors swimming polls, an outdoors Jacuzzi, a children’s swimming pool, children facilities, Conference and Banquet Halls (which can host 650 people), 2 Restaurants, Bar, Fitness Centre and a Tennis Court.

All mechanical and electrical needs of the Project are covered through an extended external network infrastructure with central hot and chilled water recirculation, electrical cabling and fire safety utilities. Central buildings and suites are serviced by internal installations for hot/ cold/ chilled water, electrical power, fire fighting and low voltage needs. Also, hot / chilled water and electrical utilities are provided for swimming pools and Jacuzzi installations.

The scope of work included the following: Water supply / Irrigation system/ Sewage and rainwater/ Fire protection / HVAC / Lighting / Telephone - data/ BMS / Access Control / CCTV / Sound facilities /  Lightning and Earthing / Elevators / Special installations/ Swimming pools/ Water features

Al Madina A’Zarqa, Blue City

Phase 1, Apartments, Muscat, Oman

Architectural & Mechanical & Electrical Engineering & Infrastructure

Al Madina A’ Zarqa (Blue City) Phase 1 is one of the largest touristic real-estate residential developments in the Middle East, located along the Al-Sawadi coastal region in Muscat, in the Sultanate of Oman. The Project covers an area of 34km² and 15km beachfront. Blue City will be an entirely new city, which will include residential, retail, commercial, educational, hospital and leisure properties and facilities. It is expected to accommodate more than 250,000 permanent and visiting residents. Section 1.1.2: Amphitheatre Apartments - 200 units, Gross Building Area: 61,500m², Section 1.4.2 : Amphitheatre Apartments - 200 units, Gross Building Area: 59,500m², Section 1.5.2 : Tourist Village - International Village Apartments - 810 units, Gross Building Area: 148,659m², Section 1.5.3: Tourist Village - Heritage Village Residential - 589 units, Gross Building Area: 141,360m², Section 1.9.1:Tourist Village International Apartments - 528 units, Gross Building Area: 165,264m² Section 1.10.3: Parkside Community - Residential Apartments - 504 units, Gross Building Area: 75,600m². The scope of work included: Water Supply - Potable Water/ Sewage and Rainwater / Fire protection/ HVAC/ Lighting / Power / Electrical Substations / Telephones-Data / RTV-Satelite / Sound Facilities/ Lightning and Earthing / Elevators / Gas.

Faliron Bay Development

Athens 2004 Olympic Games, Athens, Greece

Structural, Mechanical & Electrical Engineering, Infrastructure & Landscaping

In the context of the 2004 Olympic Games the Ministry of Public Works appointed the design along the coast of Faliron Bay of a comprehensive development with emphasis on leisure and sport activities. As part of the group, the Firm designed all Marine works including the Marina, the seawall and coastal protection and the waterfront promenade wall as well as providing structural design for numerous buildings and several bridges and traffic studies. The main features of this project included the following: Extensive landfill with the creation of a new 1.5 km quay wall forming an arc to the southeastern end of the bay. Also utilized for the creation of a pedestrian promenade / Reconstruction of the mouth of the Ilissos river / Construction of a 50m wide pedestrian "Esplanade" / Construction of a 400 - berth nautical sports Marina / Two Olympic Stadiums, one for Beach-Volley and one for Tae-kwon-do with 7 training courts nearby and one new football stadium / A 1km long series of linear buildings joined with pedestrian bridges at their roof level / Extensive open spaces for recreation and leisure.
The hydraulic component in short provided for : / Flood control / Water Supply networks / Sanitation networks / Irrigation system including the option of re-use of treated water from a WasteWater Treatment Plant.

Flisvos Marina

303 Berths for Athens 2004 Olympics, Athens, Greece

Mechanical & Electrical Engineering & Infrastructure

The marina land spreads over 56,000m². The building facilities include the office headquarters, a port police office, customer service centre, restaurants, cafes, commercial stores, a supermarket, first aid station, gas station and health facilities. The north end of the piers host a control tower, whereas parking lots are also available. The marina can hosts 303 vessels with lengths from 15m up to over 70m. Each berth offers water, electricity and telecommunication supplies, as well as waste collection and fire protection systems.

The design and co-ordination of this project was particularly hard since the marina had to operate during the construction phase.

The project was successfully executed on time and the Marina was capable to host the Olympic Games' visitors.

The scope of work included: Water Supply / Sewage and Rainwater/ Fire Protection / HVAC / Lighting / Power / Electrical substations / Telephones - Data / CCTV / Intrusion alarm system / Special Installation (vacuum system).

Expo 2010 Greek Pavilion

Hot Shell Design, Shanghai, China

Mechanical & Electrical Engineering

The project concerns the Final Design, Tendering and Project Management of the Greek Pavilion for Expo 2010, in Shanghai.

The cold shell of the pavilion was provided by the Expo, thus, the design concerned only the hot shell.

The Project was quite challenging given the following facts: the time-and-budget-oriented design, the extra difficulty caused since it was in an overseas city and that other countries’ pavilions for Expo 2010 were being designed and constructed at the same time. However, the Project Management team managed to successfully complete the project, both within time and budget limitations which resulted in a great response from visitors.

The scope of work included: Water supply / Sewage and rainwater / Fire Protection / HVAC / Lighting /  Lighting control (with advanced DMX and KNX systems) / Power / Telephones - Data / Audiovisual back bone support / CCTV / Security alarm systems) / Special Installations (Protection, Audio Support, Kitchen Facilities and Equipment).

Erasinio Hospital

Centre of Excellence in Oncology, Attica, Greece

Mechanical & Electrical Engineering

Erasinio Hospital Centre of Excellence in Oncology at Koropi, Athens, Greece is specialized in diagnosis and treatment of neoplasmatic diseases, with a potential of 224 beds (45,180m² main spaces, 12,190m² support facilities and 50,000m² surroundings). The hospital services include, amongst others, an Intensive care unit of 9 beds, an Intermediate care unit of 10 beds, 10 septic surgery halls, 9 non-septic surgery halls, a radiotherapy unit, a 12 bed artificial kidney unit, a 6 one-bed rooms cardiac catheterization unit, a nuclear medicine unit, and a 4 one-bed room iodine therapy unit. A certificate was issued from Erasinio Hospital S.A. on 06/11/2008, which states the successful completion of E/M studies and all relevant contract obligations according to Project’s time schedule.

The scope of work included: Water Supply /  Sewage and Rainwater  / Fire Protection / HVAC / Lighting / Power / Electrical Substation / Telephones - Data / Sound facilities / Lightning and Earthing / Elevators / Special installation networks (compressed air, vacuum system, medical gases, steam network etc) / Natural Gas / LPG

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