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Contract Management

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• Tender Documents (Drafting / Negotiation)
• Contract Management
• Arbitration
• Mediation

    The services provided include:

1. Analysis of contractual terms and conditions
2. Analysis of tender documents from legal and
    contractual perspective
3. Preparation of cause and effect analysis for
     construction claims
4. Presentation and negotiation of construction claims
5. Negotiation of construction contracts or finance contracts
     related or connected to construction projects
6. Mediation: negotiation of the process and terms
     of mediation as well as representation through the
     process of mediation
7. Adjudication: advise and assist the client in
    relation to the process of adjudication, preparation
    of the dispute for referred to an adjudicator and
    managing the adjudication thereafter

• Adjudication

• Litigation

• Claims Management

• Expert Witness

​8. Arbitration: advice on the selection and/or

    initiation of the arbitration process. Preparing the
    dispute for referred to the arbitration tribunal and
    managing the arbitration trial thereafter.
9. Litigation / Arbitration: provide dispute
    avoidance advice and assisting the client in its
    dispute strategy, preparing the claim for referred to
    mitigation, contractual and legal evaluation of
    quantum analysis, time analysis and evidence,
    preparation of evidence and witness statements,
    managing litigation process for the client either with
    attorney nominated by the client or with attorneys
    selected by LEEAD Consulting.

Services are covered by:

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