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Information Systems

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• Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
• Hydrologic Information Systems (HIS)
• Land Information Systems (LIS)
• Geospatial Data Management

• GIS Software Development
• Remote Sensing and CAPI
• Hydrologic Modelling

​Featured Project

Olive and Vineyard Registers (LIS)

Trifylia, Prefecture of Messinia, Greece


The establishment of an Olive and Vineyard Register, as dictated by EU Regulations, is a mandate for continuing subsidizing of olive oil raising and wine. It is based on identification of all olive and vineyard parcels on ortho-rectified aerial images. All parcels had to be identified on the orthophotos and a declaration had to be filled by each cultivator.

The project was based on an integrated database-driven System for collecting, cross-checking and identifying all parcels using CAPI techniques (Computer Aided Photointerpretation) and extensive field work in co-operation witl local recruitment. The total declarations for Trifylia alone were about 13,000 declarations and over 40,000 parcels positively identified.

In technical terms: Full geographical database under Microsoft Access/ Oracle 9i. / 2 major software applications using full ArcObjects, MapObjects in VB and .NET VB and C# / Topology controls using custom C++ / Assembly modules / Analogue print-outs (map-sheets), more than 40,000 batch-processed using Crystal Reports.

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