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Geotechnical Engineering

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• Geotechnical Investigations and Evaluation
• Geological and Hydro Geological Studies
• Stability of Embankments
• Earth Reinforcement Works

​Featured Project

Paute Region Rehabilitation, Ecuador

Technical Assistance, Emergency Response & Rural Development

Infrastructure, Environmental, Geotechnical & Supervision

Following a major landslide and the obstruction of the Paute River, severe flooding occurred in the outlying region thus causing major environmental and infrastructure damage. A major effort was undertaken by the Ecuadorian Government in restoring both environmental and normal living conditions.  A multi-disciplinary team was formed to solve the complex issues involved.

Major works and interventions included the stabilization of the front slope of Cerro Tamuga, training of the river Paute (with the  construction of 5 grade control structures and bridges, sanitation works and latrines, 400 houses, 20 community buildings, programs of land rehabilitation and soil conservation, reforestation projects, irrigation systems and support to the production and training.

Design and supervision of Paute river training and related works for flood control, participation in geotechnical studies, community development projects (houses, schools, etc.), establishment of a Geographical Information System (GIS), design and tender documents and supervision of construction of the slope stabilization works, were included.

Niger Office and Rice Segou Operation

Rehabilitation Programme, Hydro-Agricultural Projects, Mali

Structural, Infrastructure, Environmental, Supervision

The project was implemented within the framework of the rehabilitation of the rice sector, depending on the Macina canal. The rehabilitation works involved the hydraulic restoration of the irrigation network, for a firm control of the water level in the rice fields in order to enable a rapid change towards intensive riceculture thus improving the farmers' living conditions and income. Services provided were:
• Supervision of works during the entire project implementation
• Surveying and geotechnical investigations.
• The rehabilitation of irrigation Infrastructure: Macina primary canal (60km), distribution canals of Kokry and Boky, the main drainage network of Boky Were (20km) and the associated secondary and tertiary drainage networks.
• Construction of all civil engineering works related to the irrigation network (regulators, water intake and drainage works) and village infrastructures (wash- houses, etc.)
• Construction of the road network on each side of the Macina canal, Kokry and Boky Were distribution canals (total length 290km) and crossing structures (bridges, footbridges, culvert, etc.)

Other Services

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