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Consulting and Project Management


• Socio-Economic Studies
• Techno-Economic Studies
• Operations and Maintenance Schedules
• Project Management
• Project Monitoring and Evaluation
     Progress Monitoring and Reporting
     Cashflow Preparation, Monitoring and Forecasting
     Project Life Cycle Planning
     Quality Monitoring
     Health and Safety Monitoring

• Feasibility Studies
• Statistical Analysis

• Auditing and Due Diligence

• Technical Consultancy
     Evaluation of Tenders
     Design Checking and Approvals
     Procurement Approvals and Inspections
     Technical Evaluation of Claims

     Construction Supervision

• Construction Management
     Detailed project time schedule
     Work flow / Process Optimization
     Project Budgeting
     Resources assignment and monitoring
     Earned Value Analysis (EVA)
     Procurement Planning


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