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Civil & Hydraulic Engineering

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• Project Identification, Studies and Surveys
• Master Plans
• Feasibility Studies
• Preliminary and Final Designs
• Tender Documents
• Construction Supervision

• Technical Assistance
• Environmental Impact Assessments
• Technical Training
• Project Management
• Project Monitoring and Evaluation
• Specialized Software Development

​Featured Projects

Faliron Bay Development

Athens 2004 Olympic Games, Athens, Greece

Structural, Mechanical & Electrical Engineering, Infrastructure & Landscaping

In the context of the 2004 Olympic Games the Ministry of Public Works appointed the design along the coast of Faliron Bay of a comprehensive development with emphasis on leisure and sport activities. As part of the group, the Firm designed all Marine works including the Marina, the seawall and coastal protection and the waterfront promenade wall as well as providing structural design for numerous buildings and several bridges and traffic studies.

The main features of this project included the following: Extensive landfill with the creation of a new 1.5 km quay wall forming an arc to the southeastern end of the bay. Also utilized for the creation of a pedestrian promenade / Reconstruction of the mouth of the Ilissos river / Construction of a 50m wide pedestrian "Esplanade" / Construction of a 400 - berth nautical sports Marina / Two Olympic Stadiums, one for Beach-Volley and one for Tae-kwon-do with 7 training courts nearby and one new football stadium / A 1km long series of linear buildings joined with pedestrian bridges at their roof level / Extensive open spaces for recreation and leisure. The hydraulic component in short provided for : / Flood control / Water Supply networks / Sanitation networks / Irrigation system including the option of re-use of treated water from a WasteWater Treatment Plant.

Taksebt Dam, Water Conveyance

Technical and Administrative Assistance, Algeria

Infrastructure, Environmental & Supervision

The project target is the reinforcement of the water supply system for the greater area of the city of Algiers (3,000,000 population approx) and the Tizi-Ouzou to Algiers corridor through the transfer of water supplied by the existing Taksebt dam and reservoir.

The system includes water supply conduits (98 km), a pumping station, a water treatment plant (605,000m³/day), 5 reservoirs, 4 tunnels (1.2 to 3.2km long) and a SCADA teletransmission system.

Services provided were: Assistance to the Evaluation Committee in the evaluation of the technical and financial offers and technical and administrative assistance to the Client during the construction period, commissioning and trial operation of the project.

Paute Region Rehabilitation, Ecuador

Technical Assistance, Emergency Response & Rural Development

Infrastructure, Environmental, Geotechnical & Supervision

Following a major landslide and the obstruction of the Paute River, severe flooding occurred in the outlying region thus causing major environmental and infrastructure damage. A major effort was undertaken by the Ecuadorian Government in restoring both environmental and normal living conditions.  A multi-disciplinary team was formed to solve the complex issues involved.    
Major works and interventions included the stabilization of the front slope of Cerro Tamuga, training of the river Paute (with the  construction of 5 grade control structures and bridges, sanitation works and latrines, 400 houses, 20 community buildings, programs of land rehabilitation and soil conservation, reforestation projects, irrigation systems and support to the production and training.

Design and supervision of Paute river training and related works for flood control, participation in geotechnical studies, community development projects (houses, schools, etc.), establishment of a Geographical Information System (GIS), design and tender documents and supervision of construction of the slope stabilization works, were included.


Psyttalia Wastewater Treatment Plant

Serving the Greater Area of Athens, Greece

Infrastructure, Environmental & Supervision

The Athens greater area treatment plant, located on uninhabited Psyttalia
island at 2 km from the west coast of Piraeus is one of the largest in the
world (3,300,000 inhabitants). The treatment installations on the
island ensure the treatment of a peak of 27m³/s (Phase II). They include primary treatment, disinfection and disposal of treated wastewater into the sea.

Full sludge treatment and methane collection (used for heating the digesters and for electricity production) are operational.

Services rendered included: Participation in the preparation of the technical bid of the joint- venture concerning the conception and the elaboration of the master plan and general plan for the construction of the treatment station.

After contract award: planning, technical studies, process evaluation, hydraulic and geological studies, final design, construction drawings, technical assistance to contractors during the construction of the works, during commissioning and
trial operation.

Thessaloniki Wastewater Treatment Plant

Extension and Completion, Technical Assistance, Greece

Infrastructure, Environmental & Supervision

The second largest city of Greece, Thessaloniki, is served by a WWTP at a design capacity of ca. 1,400,000 PE by the year 2015.

Works of Stage II mainly concern the extension and completion of the existing installations for the complete biological treatment of the city's wastewater, including nitrogen removal for disposal of effluent to a sensitive marine environment (Thermaikos gulf).

Services provided were:
Assistance for project management / Master Plan / Review of final designs and of construction drawings, prepared by the contracting J.V. / Design and T.D. of septage and industrial liquid wastes treatment units / Supervision of construction (similar to FIDIC conditions) / Environmental impact considerations / Supervision during trial operations and commissioning / Monitoring of the construction quality programme and hygiene and safety in construction / Reporting on physical and economical progress / Preparation of funding application submitted to the EU Cohesion Fund.

Douera Irrigation Dam

Construction Drawings and Supervision of Works, Algeria

Infrastructure & Supervision

The site of the Douera dam is located approximately 2km south-west of Douera and approximately 17km southwest of Alger. The catchment basin covers an approximate area of 10km². The dam will cover the irrigation needs of the area of Mitidja (17,200 ha) and will also reinforce the potable water needs of the city of Algiers.


The embankment consists of a watertight clay core and of two shells of earth materials with an embankment height of 75m, a crown length of 820m and a reservoir volume of 87,000,000m³. The volume of the excavations is 2,000,000m³, backfillings 6,500,000m³ and concrete for structures 21,500m³.

Services provided are construction drawings, supplementary design of the dam and of two small dams for the protection of village of Douera, supervision of works, final inspection and handing over to the Client.

Other Services

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