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Psyttalia Island

Wastewater Treatment Plant, Greece

The Athens greater area treatment plant, located on uninhabited Psyttalia island at 2 km from the west coast of Piraeus is one of the largest in the world (3,300,000 inhabitants). The treatment installations on the island ensure the treatment of a peak of 27m³/s (Phase II). They include primary treatment, disinfection and disposal of treated wastewater into the sea.

Full sludge treatment and methane collection (used for heating the digesters and for electricity production) are operational. Services rendered included: Participation in the preparation of the technical bid of the joint-venture concerning the conception and the elaboration of the master plan and general plan for the construction of the treatment station.

After contract award: planning, technical studies, process evaluation, hydraulic and geological studies, final design, construction
drawings, technical assistance to contractors during the construction of the works, during commissioning and trial operation.

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