Company Profile

LEEAD Consulting has been established in Athens and manages five premier Greek consulting firms.

LEEAD Consulting is made up of Greece's finest engineering, construction contract and project management companies with long-standing experience and high quality expertise in the fields of Project Design, Project & Construction Management and Contract Consulting.

The companies controlled by LEEAD Consulting are:

All the above companies have been collaborating on various projects for almost 20 years.

The latest addition to the LEEAD Group of companies is  NEXUS GLOBAL  which carries out claims support and contract management services on behalf of LEEAD Consulting.


LEEAD Consulting prides itself in bringing outstanding results with highly specialized technical services worldwide. In all areas of consultancy services - technical, operational, legal and administrative, LEEAD Consulting strives to achieve excellence.

We are driven by a well-defined set of Core Values, including Excellence and Innovation. This fuels our intense focus on continuous improvement leading to repeated commendation by our industry, clients and beneficiaries.