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A-A Holdings

Office Building, Athens, Greece

The new headquarters of the 'A-A Holdings Group' is a contemporary office building complex that stands as a landmark on Kifissos Avenue, enhancing the civic character of the
area. The two wings of the L shaped building stretch along the north and west sides of the plot. They create an 
internal communal plaza, 

where the free-standing building of the complex

has been located to host commercial activities.

The glazed facades towards Kifissos Avenue are set at a distance from the main body of the building, so as to act as a buffer zone b

the office spaces and the plaza on one side and 

the noisy, polluted motorway, on the other. The facades towards the plaza are cladded with composite aluminium panels and their unconventional prismatic recesses and projections are complemented by the use of oblique mullions. We have provided full  architectural design services.

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