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Egnatia Odos Motorway

Structural Design of tunnels and bridges, Northern Greece

The Firms involvement in this Motorway
comprises mainly structural design of
tunnels and bridges. Although more than 4 major double tunnels have been designed (Dodoni, Anilio, S1 and S2 of section 5.2.3), bridge design is the Firm's most important contribution.

From 1996 to date the firm's involvement in bridge design covered three different types of services, namely: Complete design of bridges for Egnatia Odos S.A. or other Contractors, checking of designs produced by other firms, and general review of designs produced by others.

Major bridges are listed below:

  • Design of the Arda River Bridge, a 666m long bridge with 18 spans of 37m each deck with precast beams.
  • Design of Bridge G1, on the Lefkopetra-Kouloura section with four spans totaling 150m and a single shell box girder deck.
  • Design of Bridge G1, on the Polymilos-Veria section box girder build in cantilever with three spans, totaling 236m.
  • Design of Christalopigi Bridge with a total

length of 848m in 16 spans and a curved box girder deck with build in special launched shoring.

  • Design of several box girder bridges build in cantilever, including the Mesovouni Bridge, totaling 257m, the G3 Bridge on the Panagia-Grevena section totaling 326m with 3 spans, and G11 Bridge on the Polymilos-Veria section with three main spans totaling 247m.
  • Design check of the Venetikos Bridge, with a total length of 636m in six spans. Design review of the Arachthos Bridge with a total length of 1036m in 8 spans.
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