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Toi & Moi

Clothing Factory and Office Headquarters, Athens, Greece

The complex of 'Toi & Moi' Garment Company is located in Athens. Two buildings with unified underground spaces were built on the landsite. Building 1, having a total area of 4,584m² and a height of three floors, accommodates the production facilities (low disturbance facility). Building 2, with an area of 1,884m², has six floors and is intended for future exploitation with mixed use (stores, small industry spaces, 

offices). A part of the first underground floor is occupied by store rooms and part of the production facilities, while the remaining area of
the two underground floor serves the parking needs of the two buildings and also accommodates the main electromechanical installations. Building 1, consists of two wings, one with an L shape, the other one being smaller and rectangular. The wings are 

connected by means of the main showroom space, deployed in a sheltered court with a three storey free height. Building 2 has a square floor plan and includes a ground floor store with a mezzanine, and four identically arranged independent floors. Both buildings were cladded with large forged marble slabs, of various dimensions. We have provided full architectural design services.

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