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National Bank of Greece

Informatics and Management Centre, Athens, Greece​

The reconstruction and conversion of a former Factory to a higher complexity Headquarters and Data Building required a delicate architectural approach defined by the bearing structure and restrictions of the existing building, the specifications of an up to date Digital Services building, as well as the functional requirements of a large scale building of this kind and its security issues.

The Complex is composed by the Office Spaces on the western and central part and the Main Service Building (Printing Centre and Digital Services) on the eastern part. The space in between is turned into a patio with planted trees, a base element of the complex. As for the illumination of the large surface of the office space, a set of four symmetrical solar chimneys has been invented to pass through all levels'

ceilings flooding with light.

The exterior aspect of the building complex is clearly defined by distinctive unities, one multi storey part cladded with ceramic tiles on framework and one low rise long building with cement coating finishing, with successive longitudinal openings that create a rhythm on the facade.

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