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LEEAD Consulting is highly involved in the Transport Market, offering solutions for:
Airports & Hangars, Roads, Highways & Bridges, Traffic Engineering & Transportation Studies, Rail, Trams & Underground Metro

Structural Engineering
• Feasibility Studies
• Procurement
• Commissioning
• Project Budgeting
• Operation & Maintenance Planning
• Auditing & Due Diligence
• Project Management

Mechanical & Electrical Engineering

• HVAC, Plumbing & Irrigation
• Fire Protection
• Electrical (Power, Lighting, Ultra low voltage)
• People Conveying Systems
• Lightning Protection (earthing)

• Security Systems

Building Controls​

Traffic & Transportation Engineering
• Traffic Engineering and Public Transport
• Airport Planning and Design
• Signage Numbering
• Parking Studies
• Transportation Planning

Master Planning

• Urban Master Planning
• Landscaping Design
• Feasibility Studies
• Project Identification, Studies & Surveys
• Preliminary Study Elaboration
• Environmental Assessments

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​Featured Projects

Rio-Andirio Bridge

2.2km Vehicular Bridge, Peloponnese, Greece

Structural Design

This was a BOT project awarded by the Greek State to a consortium with Vinci of France as a leader. It provides a link between the Peloponnese, the southern part of Greece, and the main continent along the Western shores of the country between the coastal towns of Rio and Andirio. The link consists of a 2,252 meter long 4 pylon cable-stayed bridge with two spans of 286 meters and three spans of 560 meters, two approach viaducts, with 392 meters on the Rio side and 239 meters on the Andirio side, and a total length of about 2,900 meters. Design and construction of the bridge started in 1996 and the bridge was inaugurated in 2004. In the concession agreement the Firm was a nominated partner of Buckland and Taylor of Canada for the design checking of all elements of the project as well as participating actively in the seismic design concepts. Furthermore, the Firm was a nominated partner of Faber-Maunsell (U.K.) for the supervision and control of all elements of the project. In 2006, the Firm and B. Kolias, it's partner in charge of Structural Design, received two International awards for their contribution to the project: The IABSE (International Association of Bridge and Structural Engineering) award for outstanding structure and the FIB (Federation Internationale du Beton) award for outstanding concrete structure.

Athens International Airport

Master Plan and Structural Design, Joint Venture, Greece

Structural Design & Infrastructure

The Firm was involved in this project during two separate stages. First, in 1979 - 1981 as a member of the GREDECO-NACO joint venture when the original Master Plan was prepared and second in 1996-1998 as a structural designer for various building assigned to the firm by HOCHTIEF AG concessionaire and contractor of the new Airport. In 1979 the Greek State awarded a contract to GREDECO, a Joint Venture of 3 Greek design firms and the Dutch firm NACO to review an existing old Master Plan and produce all designs necessary to construct a new International airport at Spata, northeast of Athens.

The new Master Plan was approved, the preliminary design of installations and infrastructure were finalized and a tender for earthworks was awarded to a contractor. Following the completion of most of the earthworks the work was halted for several years. It was resumed in 1996 when HOCHTIEF AG was awarded a concession to build and operate the new International Airport. HOCHTIEF contracted the preparation of structural designs and shop drawings for various buildings, including: The Air Traffic Control Building and Tower and the Buildings and Ground Equipment Maintenance Complex.

Al Maktoum Road Corridor

Traffic Engineering, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Infrastructure, Landscaping & Supervision

The project was assigned following the award of the first prize for a Dubai Municipality design competition.

Its objective was the detailed planning and programming of development of a 550 ha. area along the main artery of Dubai and its related urban zone. The study covered proposals and cost estimates for central infrastructure as well as land use zoning, urban design, dhow wharf-age, development controls and incentives.

The second stage comprised detailed design and construction supervision of Al Maktoum road’s service roads, sewage, storm drainage and landscaping.

Al Jubail Industrial Complex

Master Plan Update & Transportation Study, Saudi Arabia


The project started with an update of the Master Plan of Al Jubail Industrial Complex New Community to accommodate 255,000 inhabitants instead of the original 350,000 forecasted by the first 1978 Master Plan.

This Community is located north of the Al Jubail Industrial area, one of the largest in the world, covering a zone of 90km².

Planning work was later followed by the development of a sophisticated traffic computer model based on the UTPS software, in order to assess the capacities of the planned road network and to amend its design parameters according to the updated Master Plan. A new public transport system was also included.

Egnatia Odos Motorway

Structural Design of Tunnels & Bridges, Northern Greece

Structural Design

The Firms involvement in this Motorway comprises mainly structural design of tunnels and bridges. Although more than 4 major double tunnels have been designed (Dodoni, Anilio, S1 and S2 of section 5.2.3), bridge design is the Firm's most important contribution. From 1996 to date the firm's involvement in bridge design covered three different types of services, namely: Complete design of bridges for Egnatia Odos S.A. or other Contractors, checking of designs produced by other firms, and general review of designs produced by others.
-  Design of the Arda River Bridge, a 667m long bridge with 18 spans of 37m each deck with precast beams.
-  Design of Bridge G1, on the Lefkopetra-Kouloura section with four spans totaling 150m and a single shell box girder deck.
-  Design of Bridge G1, on the Polymilos-Veria section box girder build in cantilever with three spans, totaling 236m.
-  Design of Christalopigi Bridge with a total length of 848m in 16 spans and a curved box girder deck with build in special launched shoring.
-  Design of several box girder bridges build in cantilever, including the Mesovouni Bridge, totaling 257m, the G3 Bridge on the Panagia-Grevena section totaling 326m with 3 spans, and G11 Bridge on the Polymilos-Veria section with three main spans totaling 247m.
-  Design check of the Venetikos Bridge, with a total length of 636m in six spans.
-  Design review of the Arachthos Bridge with a total length of 1036m in 8 spans.

Athens 2004 Olympic Games

Transportation Planning, Traffic and Parking Management


Consultancy services to the Athens 2004 Organization Committee and other agencies, focused on transportation planning and traffic management in relation to the 2004 Athens Olympic Games: Preparation and assistance of the chapter Transport for the Athens candidacy bid both for the 1996 and the 2004 Olympic Games. Consultancy services were provided to the transport Directorate General of "Athens 2004" for the preparation of the Olympic Transportation Strategic Plan. Traffic / parking and demand management studies for various Olympic venues, were made. Calculation of Olympic Games related trips (Olympic family, spectators, etc.) at various Olympic venues, with the use of traffic models, was rendered. Traffic management studies and optimization of traffic conditions along the main Olympic use road arteries were developed, with the use of traffic simulation models, for both the Olympic Games period and the period after the Games. Special traffic and Games period and the period after the Games, were considered. Special traffic and parking studies for various Olympic venues were carried out for designers and contractors in various stages of implementation. Determination and design of special traffic lanes along major road arteries used exclusively for Olympic family vehicles. The firm participated in the preparation of the Information Campaign for the use of Public Transport during the games.

Olympic Airways Repair Hangar

Maintenance and Repair Hangar, Athens, Greece

Architectural Design

The building consists of two connected Hangar spaces for the Maintenance and Repair of the company airplanes, the maintenance workshops, the repair workshops and the flight material workshop, offices and store rooms. The total building area is 75.3210m² and the total land plot area is 52.553m².

The main design concept is the connection of the hangar spaces with the supporting workshops on the same  level through a corridor - service road all along the building to ensure easy access and circulation of both personnel and materials / aircraft spare parts, transported towards the main working spaces. Vertical communication through staircases and elevators connects with the upper levels where various functions are deployed. The first floor hosts administration, workshops, offices and facilities, second floor hosts the Training Center for Aviation Technicians and workshops. Finally, the basement hosts M/E installations, workshops, staff cloakrooms and showers and connects with the ground floor by heavy duty ramp.

The project was a 50% in collaboration with Team 4.

Athens Metro

Structural Design of Stations & Traffic Diversion Studies

Structural Design

From 1992 to date the Firm was continuously involved in the Athens Metro Project either under assignment by ‘Attiko Metro’ or by the contractors in charge of implementation in two distinct fields: The structural design of stations, shafts, galleries and tunnel and the planning, design and supervision of implementation of all necessary traffic diversions at the numerous construction sites within the Athens urban area as well as the mandatory relocation of all utility lines (water supply, sewage, electricity, natural gas, telephone) in conflict with the works, were rendered.

Patras Tram Service

Feasibility Study, Patras, Greece


Services rendered: Traffic counts and surveys, traffic model development, design of tram lines, financial and socioeconomic analysis. Extended traffic counts and Origin-Destination surveys: Traffic volume counts at 140 cross- sections and 50 intersections, speed and delays counts at 170 road sections, passenger volume counts at 470 bus routes, roadside Origin-Destination survey (19.000 interviews), bus passengers Origin-Destination survey (6.700 interviews). An analysis and evaluation of existing operation of private and public transport systems and their infrastructure were provided.

A traffic model, calibration and verification for the base year (2009) were developed. Socioeconomic parameters, forecasts and trip estimates for years 2015 end 2025 were contributed. The traffic model for the evaluation of the future traffic conditions for the do-nothing scenario was applied. The development and evaluation of alternative proposals for tram lines, prediction of public transport passenger volumes using the traffic model, and selection of the best alternative, were included. Preliminary cost estimates, revenue estimates, financial and economic analysis for the selected alternative, also made part of the firm’s responsibilities.

Other Markets

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