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LEEAD Consulting is highly involved in Maritime projects, offering solutions for:
Coastal Developments, Ports and Expansions, Shipyards, Ship Repair Yards and Marinas

Coastal and Hydraulic Engineering
• Project Identification, Studies and Surveys
• Master Plans
• Feasibility Studies
• Preliminary and Final Designs
• Tender Documents
• Construction Supervision
• Technical Assistance
• Environmental Impact Assessments
• Technical Training
• Project Management
• Project Monitoring and Evaluation
• Specialized Software Development

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​Featured Projects

Al Sowah Island

Perimeter Quay Walls, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Structural Design

Full design services were provided for the construction of the peripheral quay wall of Al Sowah Island using the method of precast concrete units.

The perimeter will have a total length of approximately 5.6km and consist of a combination of straight and curved sections.

Ports of Dammam, Jeddah, Rabigh & Jubail

Ports Expansion Projects, Saudi Arabia

Structural & Infrastructure

During the last 25 years several projects have been executed for the improvement and/or expansion of port facilities in the Kingdom of Saudi

These included:
•The expansion of the port of Dammam with 12m. high quay walls.

•The expansion of the port of Jeddah with a 9.25 to 12.00m high quay wall.

•New unloading platforms on piles for the port of Rabigh including a bridge for connection to the main pier and the related control, firefighting and electrical buildings.

•New petrochemicals pier in the port of Jubail to serve vessels up to 80,000 DWT. The pier and the trestle are steel structures bearing on steel piles.

Flisvos Marina

303 Berths for Athens 2004 Olympics, Athens, Greece

Mechanical & Electrical Engineering & Infrastructure

The marina land spreads over 56,000m². The building facilities include the office headquarters, a port police office, customer service centre, restaurants, cafes, commercial stores, a supermarket, first aid station, gas station and health facilities. The north end of the piers host a control tower, whereas parking lots are also available. The marina can hosts 303 vessels with lengths from 15m up to over 70m. Each berth offers water, electricity and telecommunication supplies, as well as waste collection and fire protection systems.

The design and co-ordination of this project was particularly hard since the marina had to operate during the construction phase.

The project was successfully executed on time and the Marina was capable to host the Olympic Games' visitors.

The scope of work included: Water Supply / Sewage and Rainwater/ Fire Protection / HVAC / Lighting / Power / Electrical substations / Telephones - Data / CCTV / Intrusion alarm system / Special Installation (vacuum system).

Ship Repair Yards

Bahrain & Saudi Arabia

Structural & Infrastructure

The Bahrain project included back filling of the approach pier, fixed moorings with caissons for two floating docks 80.000 and 100.000 DWT equipped with special energy absorpting moorings, pump station, electrical substation and infrastructure networks.

The Saudi Arabian project was for the ship repair yard of Dammam and included reclamation protected with armour stones, 15.7m high quay walls with caissons, fixed moorings with 23.0m high caissons for mooring of two floating docks together with a floating bridge connecting the docks to the land and the associated workshops, an administration building and warehouses.

Fujeirah Northern Port Extension

Rip Rap Breakwater, Fujeirah, United Arab Emirates

Structural & Infrastructure

A detail design of a rip rap breakwater forming the Northern Port Extension Project of the Port of Fujeirah was provided with an approximate length of 500m and depths varying from -14m to -19m.

This new breakwater comprises the extension of the existing north breakwater of the port. The exposed side of the breakwater was protected with 4 to 7 ton armour stone while a sheet-pile wall topped with a concrete crown wall was
constructed in the lea side.

Faliron Bay Development

Athens 2004 Olympic Games, Athens, Greece

Structural, Mechanical & Electrical Engineering, Infrastructure & Landscaping

In the context of the 2004 Olympic Games the Ministry of Public Works appointed the design along the coast of Faliron Bay of a comprehensive development with emphasis on leisure and sport activities. As part of the group, the Firm designed all Marine works including the Marina, the seawall and coastal protection and the waterfront promenade wall as well as providing structural design for numerous buildings and several bridges and traffic studies. The main features of this project included the following: Extensive landfill with the creation of a new 1.5 km quay wall forming an arc to the southeastern end of the bay. Also utilized for the creation of a pedestrian promenade / Reconstruction of the mouth of the Ilissos river / Construction of a 50m wide pedestrian "Esplanade" / Construction of a 400 - berth nautical sports Marina / Two Olympic Stadiums, one for Beach-Volley and one for Tae-kwon-do with 7 training courts nearby and one new football stadium / A 1km long series of linear buildings joined with pedestrian bridges at their roof level / Extensive open spaces for recreation and leisure.
The hydraulic component in short provided for : / Flood control / Water Supply networks / Sanitation networks / Irrigation system including the option of re-use of treated water from a WasteWater Treatment Plant.

Skaramangas Shipyards

Submarine Production Facilities & New Buildings, Greece

Mechanical & Electrical Engineering & Infrastructure

Submarine production unit facilities and new buildings at the Skaramagas
Shipyards in Skaramagas, Attica, Greece were created. The project includes an industrial building of 17,000m² (laboratories, application testing areas, dyers, storehouses, offices, workshops etc), a submarine assembling unit of 354,000m³, a personnel building of 2,500m², an office building of 2,000m², a submarine sandblasting facility and infrastructure networks (power stations surroundings and tanks lighting, drainage networks, wastewater treatment plant, security systems etc) and infrastructure networks for Ship-Lift construction. The expertise of LEEAD in complex, challenging and demanding projects, as well as the close collaboration with the Client (HDW, Ferrostahl, Siemens) has resulted in the construction of a modern and exemplary unit.

The scope of work included: Water Supply / Sewage and Rainwater / Fire Protection / HVAC / Lighting / Power / Electrical Substation / Telephones -Data / Sound Facilities / Lightning and Earthling / Elevators / Special installation (compressed air, vacuum system, gases, paint shops with laminar flow, air filters, dehumidification of 150,000 m³/h air, etc.)

Piraeus Port Upgrade

Modernization for Exclusive Passenger Use, Greece

Structural Design & Infrastructure

Investigation and analysis of existing conditions followed by amelioration of landside traffic conditions and rearrangement of all berths while minimizing the cost of new infrastructure works comprise this project.

The project was carried out in collaboration with the firm Rogan and Associates.

Following the relocation of all container or bulk carrier vessel traffic the port of Piraeus was reorganized and modernized to be used exclusively by passenger ferries and cruise ships.

The redesign allowed for smooth flow of incoming/outgoing traffic of both passenger vehicles and trucks through the creation of an internal peripheral road and suitable waiting spaces on the landside.

A new berthing plan was provided for the re-configuration of all stern-to and alongside berths according to origin/destination and shipping company.

Agios Kosmas Olympic Marina

1,000 berths for Athens 2004 Olympics, Athens, Greece

Mechanical & Electrical Engineering & Infrastructure

The marina land area covers 382,000m², whereas the marine area is 165,000m² with a maximum depth of 8m. The marina building facilities host offices, a restaurant, locker rooms, health centers, kitchens and infrastructure facilities. The project includes a parking lot for 1,200 vehicles and the docking piers have an overall length of 1,660m. The post-Olympic use phase of the marina is currently under development. The relevant designs are conducted by our company, including the restoration of the existing facilities and the construction of new ones, such as hotels, restaurants, commercial shops, offices, bars and cafes, workshops etc, of a total surface of 65,000m², along with an underground parking lot for approximately 2,000 vehicles.

The scope of work included: Water Supply / Sewage and Rainwater/ Fire Protection / HVAC / Lighting / Power / 7 Electrical substations in a loop / Telephones - Data / Sound Facilities / Security Systems / Building Management System / Access Control/ CCTV / Lightning and Earthing / Elevators / Special installations (gas, compressed air, vacuum sewage system, environmental monitoring systems, fuel supply etc.)

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