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Industry & Science


LEEAD Consulting is highly involved in Industry & Sciences, offering solutions for:
Industrial Buildings, Distribution Centers, Warehouses, Industrial Toxic Waste Collection, Solid Waste, Pharmaceuticals & Laboratories

Architectural Design & Planning

• Conceptual Designs

• Project Identification, Studies & Surveys
• Preliminary Study
• Design Development
• Tender Documentation
• Detail Design Elaboration
• Final Designs
• Elaboration of Tender Documents
• Interior Design
• Construction Drawings
• Construction Supervision
• Technical Assistance during Construction
• Environmental Assessments
• Staff Training  Transfer of Know-how
• Commissioning and trial operation of works

Structural Engineering
• Feasibility Studies
• Procurement
• Commissioning
• Project Budgeting
• Operation & Maintenance Planning
• Auditing & Due Diligence
• Project Management

Mechanical & Electrical Engineering

• HVAC, Plumbing & Irrigation
• Fire Protection
• Electrical (Power, Lighting, Ultra low voltage)
• People Conveying Systems
• Lightning Protection (earthing)

• Security Systems & Building Controls​

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​Featured Projects

SATO Distribution Center

Central Warehouse, Goods Pick-up & Offices, Greece

Architectural Design

Sato’s new Distribution Centre was constructed in Elefsina’s industrial area. The plot occupies an area of 55,500m². In terms of functionality, morphology and construction it is divided in three parts: the central warehouse, the area dedicated to goods’ pick-up and shipment and the independent office building. The Central Warehouse, covering an area of 15,800m², has a fully automated VNA storage system. The Pick-Up and Delivery Area occupies three floors, each having a surface of 5,250m². The underground floor is dedicated to storage and is equipped with a ramp for large trucks. It also houses the electrical and mechanical infrastructure. On the ground floor there are 32 hydraulic ramps for loading and unloading purposes. The Office Building develops across four floors, 650m² each. The canteen, the restaurant, the assembly room and the archive are found on the underground level. The main entrance is located on the ground floor, complemented by delivery and pick-up offices on both sides. The first and second floors are occupied by offices. This building is morphologically differentiated from the other two, by the louvers on its south facade.

The project was a 50% in collaboration with ArchLab S.A.

Toi & Moi

Clothing Factory and Office Headquarters, Athens, Greece

Architectural Design

The complex of Toi&Moi Garment Company is located in Nea Philadelphia. Two buildings with unified underground spaces were built on the land-site. Building 1, having a total area of 4,584m² and a height of three floors, accommodates the production facilities (low disturbance facility). Building 2, with an area of 1,884m², has six floors and is intended for future exploitation with mixed use (stores, small industry spaces, offices). A part of the first underground floor is occupied by store rooms and part of the production facilities, while the remaining area of the two underground floors serve the parking needs of the two buildings and also accommodates the main electromechanical installations.

Building 1 consists of two wings, one with an ‘L shape’, the other one being smaller and rectangular. The wings are connected by means of the main showroom space deployed in a sheltered court with a three storey free height. Building 2 has a square floor plan and includes a ground floor store with a mezzanine, and four identically arranged independent floors. Both buildings were cladded with large forged marble slabs of various dimensions. We have provided full architectural design services.

Boehringer Ingelheim Hellas

Pharmaceutical Industrial Unit, Greece

Architectural, Mechanical & Electrical Engineering & Supervision

The project concerns the final design of M&E installations for the remodeling and renovation of an existing 5,000m²  Industrial Unit, in Attica.

This was a budget and time oriented design (available construction periods and corresponding shutdowns were defined by the logistics department).

The scope of work included : Water Supply / Sewage and Rainwater / Fire Protection  / Lighting / Power / Electrical Substation /  Telephones - Data / Sound Facilities / Lightning and Earthing / Elevators / Special Installations (Compressed air, Vacuum System, Gases, etc.) / Steam fire detection installed cooling capacity / Clean Rooms / Building Management System

HVAC: Changes at air balance of the factory followed pharmaceutical cleanness demands and pharmaceutical good manufacturing practices (GMP).  An appropriate design was provided for detailed commissioning procedures. Infrastructure substitution was done, with an increase of installed cooling capacity. The project was 50% in collaboration with ArchLab S.A.

Ioakimides Textiles

Headquarters, Storage & Distribution Centre, Greece

Architectural Design

The ‘bar code’ inspired elevations from a long sequence of solid and translucent surfaces in accordance to the functional needs of the building spaces. The building has two floor spaces and one basement total build area is 4,968m².

The company’s functions are divided into two groups: one for the administration and sale departments and the other for storage-logistics, packaging and distribution loading.

The two groups are arranged vertically into two parallel bars separated by a double height corridor with glazed fire proof partitions to allow full new of the companies activity by the administration department.

A twelve car parking is arranged in the basement along with all necessary M/E installation rooms. Loading and unloading facilities (yard, dock levelers etc) are provided as well as open air car parking.

Pharmathen International

Pharmaceutical Production Plant, Greece

Structural & Infrastructure

Pharmathen located in the industrial park of Sapes Komotini, a region of Northern Greece is a production plant for steroid pharmaceutical products. The plant is certified and equipped with up to date installations specialy designed for a clean room industry.

Office and conference area: 2,500m².

Storehouse areas: 4,500m². Production area: 6,500m².

The scope of work included: Clean rooms / Water Supply / Sewage and Rainwater / Drainage network / Fire Protection / HVAC / Lighting / Power / Electrical substation / Telephones - Data / Public Address / Building Management System / Lightning and Earthing / Elevators / Steam / Compressed Air.

OTE Resource & Storage Center

Hellenic Telecommunications Organization, Athens, Greece

Architectural Design

Located on a 108 hectare site, OTE’s new Resource and Storage Center includes a 9,200m2 Warehouse Building, a 1,900m2 Office Building, a 325m2 Vehicle Repair Garage, a 100m2 Entrance Building, outdoor storage areas, a private road network, parking areas, loading bays and a weighing platform.

The entire complex takes up 2/3 of the South portion of the site, whilst the outdoor storage areas are located on the North area of the site, parking and loading areas to the West that surround the weighing platform area which is located inbetween for practical reasons. New vehicular access was also created to connect the site to the adjacent highway.

Extensive excavation was necessary due to the site’s 6% incline and in order to meet the client’s demand for the entire 9,200m2 Warehouse to be spread across one level. The office building is located at the highest point of the site, allowing its strong architectural character to be visible from the highway, whilst offering an overall view of the site.

Other Markets

​Data Centres & Logistics
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