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LEEAD Consulting is highly involved in the Healthcare market, offering solutions for:

Hospitals and Clinics

Architectural Design & Planning

• Conceptual Designs

• Project Identification, Studies & Surveys
• Preliminary Study
• Design Development
• Tender Documentation
• Detail Design Elaboration
• Final Designs
• Elaboration of Tender Documents
• Interior Design
• Construction Drawings
• Construction Supervision
• Technical Assistance during Construction
• Environmental Assessments
• Staff Training  Transfer of Know-how
• Commissioning and trial operation of works

Structural Engineering
• Feasibility Studies
• Procurement
• Commissioning
• Project Budgeting
• Operation & Maintenance Planning
• Auditing & Due Diligence
• Project Management

Mechanical & Electrical Engineering

• HVAC, Plumbing & Irrigation
• Fire Protection
• Electrical (Power, Lighting, Ultra low voltage)
• People Conveying Systems
• Lightning Protection (earthing)

• Security Systems & Building Controls​

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​Featured Projects

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Centre

Filoktitis Centre, Koropi, Attica, Greece

Architectural Design & Landscaping

A modern high-tech Rehabilitation and Recovery Centre for inpatients was built, (129 beds) with all the necessary infrastructure and up to date equipment in two separate departments for outpatient and inpatient.

The building houses physiotherapy departments (both dry and wet), inpatient wards, outpatient examination rooms, daycare, intensive care rooms and all the necessary auxiliary spaces. There are two indoor heated swimming pools for handicapped training and two gymnasium halls.

In addition, work therapy and mockup for home life training are provided. Outpatient examination rooms with XRay and CT equipment, administration, cafeteria and 110 parking places in the basement plus 100 open air ones are offered. Central sterilization, pharmacy, kitchen, laundry and M/E installations are provided. There are special design rooms and bathrooms for the handicapped. Stairs designed especially for walking difficulties have been built. A vast plot of 65,000m² with pine trees, flower beds and special outdoor facilities for handicapped training has been created.

Henry Dunant General Hospital

Athens, Greece

Architectural Design

The design aim was to create a hospital, whose functionality and layout would help easy relationships between patients, personnel and visitors. The total area of the building is 50,000m² and it accommodates 420 beds. The basement hosts a 600 visitors and staff car parking.

The Henry Dunant is the first General Surgery Hospital in Greece with modern data processing systems (fully computerized). It is a tangible verification of the high level of the Greek technical resources. The architectural concept is clearly indentified by the cross shape of the four top nursing floors, seated, on top of a building structure with octagonal floor plan, deployed on three overground and two underground levels, serving diagnostic, therapeutic and ancillary functions. The departments are arranged around a central core, to be the starting point for all traffic. The shape of the hospital allows all floor departments to be served through a central core of elevators and staircases.

The project was 33% in collaboration with K.Kyriakidi and Associates S.A., and Sima Milisi Xanthopoulos.

424 Military General Hospital

Thessaloniki, Greece

Architectural Design

The Hospital complex is constructed on a vast area (former military camp) on the west side of the city of Thessaloniki (area 168,000m²). This 424 bed general hospital is meant to serve the Northern Greece area military personnel and their families.

Apart from the nursing wards, it provides all the modern diagnostic and treatment departments, nursing and hotel facilities and all structures to serve the working conditions, training and comfort for its personnel.

The total covered area is 100,000m². An underground nuclear war shelter is provided to be sealed with anti-explosive doors in case of such hazard. Next to the main building various auxiliary facilities are deployed such as a radiotherapy dpt., guard houses, officers’ quarters, a technical support building, a church, a medical gas station, a gas station and various warehouses.

A Helicodrome is provided for patient transportation. The project was 50% in collaboration with K.Kyriakidi and Associates S.A.

Erasinio Hospital

Centre of Excellence in Oncology, Attica, Greece

Mechanical & Electrical Engineering

Erasinio Hospital Centre of Excellence in Oncology at Koropi, Athens, Greece is specialized in diagnosis and treatment of neoplasmatic diseases, with a potential of 224 beds (45,180m² main spaces, 12,190m² support facilities and 50,000m² surroundings). The hospital services include, amongst others, an Intensive care unit of 9 beds, an Intermediate care unit of 10 beds, 10 septic surgery halls, 9 non-septic surgery halls, a radiotherapy unit, a 12 bed artificial kidney unit, a 6 one-bed rooms cardiac catheterization unit, a nuclear medicine unit, and a 4 one-bed room iodine therapy unit. A certificate was issued from Erasinio Hospital S.A. on 06/11/2008, which states the successful completion of E/M studies and all relevant contract obligations according to Project’s time schedule.

The scope of work included: Water Supply /  Sewage and Rainwater  / Fire Protection / HVAC / Lighting / Power / Electrical Substation / Telephones - Data / Sound facilities / Lightning and Earthing / Elevators / Special installation networks (compressed air, vacuum system, medical gases, steam network etc) / Natural Gas / LPG

Serres District General Hospital

373 Beds and Medical Equipment, Serres, Greece

Architectural Design

This project was a District General Hospital in the city of Serres on a land plot of 17,000sq.m. The total hospital building area is 36,700sq.m.

The nursing wards are divided into general medicine, surgical maternity and pediatric wards. Emergency department and special pediatric emergency dpt., Operating Theaters (7/0R) blocks are provided.

The hospital services include a Dialysis dpt., an Outpatient examination dpt., a Cooley’s anaemia daycare dpt., ICU and CCU units are provided and a special ward for the treatment of HIV patients.

The project was 50% in collaboration with K. Kyriakidis and Associates S.A.

Rhodes General Hospital

335 beds, Island of Rhodes, Greece

Architectural Design

A 335 bed New General Hospital of a total built area of 35,766m² on a land plot of a 106,000m² area comprises this project.

The hospital includes nursing wards, operating theatres, an outpatient department, a maternity department, in vitro and in vivo laboratories and examination rooms, a physiotherapy department, a drug rehabilitation ward, a chenal dialysis department, a mental care ward, kitchen, laundry, a repair department, staff dressing and rest rooms, an emergency dpt. and all the necessary M/E and HVAC installations and parking facilities.

The project was 40% in collaboration with K. Kyriakidis and Associates S.A.

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