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Commercial & Retail


LEEAD Consulting is highly involved in the Commercial & Retail Market, offering solutions for:
Commercial Buildings, Retail Outlets, Designer Stores, Mixed-use Developments, Interior Design & Decoration, Furniture & Equipment, Refurbishment & Revamping, Restoration.​

Architectural Design & Planning

• Conceptual Designs

• Project Identification, Studies & Surveys
• Preliminary Study
• Design Development
• Tender Documentation
• Detail Design Elaboration
• Final Designs
• Elaboration of Tender Documents
• Interior Design
• Construction Drawings
• Construction Supervision
• Technical Assistance during Construction
• Environmental Assessments
• Staff Training  Transfer of Know-how
• Commissioning and trial operation of works

Structural Engineering
• Feasibility Studies
• Procurement
• Commissioning
• Project Budgeting
• Operation & Maintenance Planning
• Auditing & Due Diligence
• Project Management

Mechanical & Electrical Engineering

• HVAC, Plumbing & Irrigation
• Fire Protection
• Electrical (Power, Lighting, Ultra low voltage)
• People Conveying Systems
• Lightning Protection (earthing)

• Security Systems & Building Controls​

​Featured Projects

McArthurGlen Athens

Designer Outlet in Spata, Greece

Architectural Design & Landscaping

The building plot has an area of 42.000,00 m² and is located in the Gyalou district of Spata 30km from Athens. The building comprises independent shops, from 50,00m² to 450,00m², Bars and Restaurants, Offices, Information, Public Toilets, etc and also storage areas and areas for the electromechanical installations. The visitors circulate through open air or sheltered walkways. The building comprises two levels of main use (25.000,00m²) and two basement floors (40.000,00m²) that host visitor and personnel parking facilities. The building is laid freely in the plot, with extensive variations of the building mass, forming a succession of open air spaces within its body and a vast network of open air and sheltered walkways. The structures composing the project were developed as scaled down urban units. The main aim of the architectural solution is to ensure the circulation at the exterior spaces emulates that found in a small community, that is pedestrian walkways, clearings, seating areas, squares, cafe’ s pergolas and sheltered rest areas. 1.350 parking places are provided.

The project was 50% in collaboration with Archicon Ltd.


Retail Store, Athens, Greece

Mechanical & Electrical Engineering

The project involves the second store in Athens, Greece of the world’s largest home furnishing retailer IKEA, of a total floor area 25,000m² with an underground car parking of 1,800 vehicles’ capacity.

The scope of work included:
Water Supply / Sewage and Rainwater/ Fire Protection / HVAC / Lighting / Power / Electrical Substation / Telephones - Data / Sound Facilities / Lightning and Earthing / Elevators/ Escalators/ BMS/ Access Control / Security Systems/ Parking Control.

Media Saturn

Electric and Electronic Appliances Retail Chain in Greece

Mechanical & Electrical Engineering

The project concerns the entry and flourishing of the Internationally Famous Electric and Electronic appliances retail chain of ‘Media Saturn’ (2 Brand names ‘Media-Markt’ and ‘Saturn’) in Greece. LEEAD provides total Project Management Services, including also the MEP and Architectural Design, the Tender Process, the Supervision and the Commissioning of each new store, ensuring the timely and within budget delivery of each Store, according to the strict requirements of a multinational chain. Up to this moment, eleven stores have started operating in Greece, and five more are under development. The plan is to build many more stores in the next five years.  Each store has a surface of approx. 6,000m².
The provided Services can be summarized as follows: Mechanical and Electrical installations design / Architectural Design / Tender Process / Project Management / Commissioning. The main challenge of the project is that despite the same applicable concept, each store has particular requirements, due to the various locations, buildings, owners, contractors and deadlines involved in each case. A thorough knowledge of the local market and the expertise of LEEAD’s professionals have helped to solve rapidly all issues that have arisen. All projects have been delivered within budget and time schedule.


Retail Toy Store, Athens, Greece

Architectural Design

The building has four levels aboveground and one basement serving for client car parking, to serve 186 cars. An escalator leads from the surrounding pedestrian area to the basement.

Archaeological ruins have been found during excavations and have been protected and enhanced through a central opening on the ground floor to provide immediate viewing and a round view on the basement level.

The building elevation cladding is composed of trapezoidal shaped of slightly waved coloured steel sheet panels in vivid colours and a repetition of the company logo to accentuate the nature of the merchandise (toys and seasonal decorative objects).

Thus the store is almost totally covered except for two sides of the ground floor (and partly first floor) to permit view of the interior to the pedestrians on the plaza.

Toi & Moi

Clothing Factory, Showroom & Offices, Athens, Greece

Architectural Design

The complex of Toi&Moi Garment Company is located in Nea Philadelphia. Two buildings with unified underground spaces were built on the land-site. Building 1, having a total area of 4,584m² and a height of three floors, accommodates the production facilities (low disturbance facility). Building 2, with an area of 1,884m², has six floors and is intended for future exploitation with mixed use (stores, small industry spaces, offices). A part of the first underground floor is occupied by store rooms and part of the production facilities, while the remaining area of the two underground floors serve the parking needs of the two buildings and also accommodates the main electromechanical installations.

Building 1 consists of two wings, one with an L shape, the other one being smaller and rectangular. The wings are connected by means of the main showroom space deployed in a sheltered court with a three storey free height. Building 2 has a square floor plan and includes a ground floor store with a mezzanine, and four identically arranged independent floors. Both buildings were cladded with large forged marble slabs of various dimensions. We have provided full architectural design services.

Notos Galleries

Retail Home Stores, Athens, Greece

Architectural Design

Notos Galleries Home retail building complex takes up the largest part of the block around Kotzia Square. It is housed in two 8 storey buildings, built between 1958 and 1960.

In both buildings, stores are arranged by the ‘shop in shop’ system. The complex expands in nine levels as well as underground spaces for storage and central M/E installations. There is a cafeteria on the top floor with both outdoor and indoor spaces.

The outdoor area at the centre of the block integrates visually the buildings and from there additional natural lighting is gained. The façade’s restoration was done after full reconstruction of the listed buildings’ facades, combined with a new character of multi-storey building and enhancement of public pathways.

Factory Outlet

Retail Store at Athens International Airport, Greece

Architectural Design

The new Factory Outlet at Athens’ International Airport redefines the architecture of the large department store. Placing emphasis on the facades in order to show the building’s commercial identity, its aesthetic differentiation from the other venues in the airport area and non-interference with the airport, the architectural solution resulted in a different version of the ‘big box’.

In the interior of this big wedge, the main space of the department store occupies 13,000m² and is developed on two main levels, the ground floor and the mezzanine (10,000m²).

The entrance on the north side of the ground floor, which is raised about 1,5m above the shopping area, gives customers a complete overhead view of the department store.

The Mall Athens

Due Diligence, Athens, Greece

Mechanical & Electrical Engineering

The project concerns the electromechanical, architectural, structural and environmental due diligence tasks for a building of approximately 50,000m² area, plus its parking space with a 2,000 cars capacity. The project was assigned by HSBC that was interested in acquiring 50% share of the largest shopping mall in Greece.

The technical due diligence was successfully performed in just two weeks, minimal time for such a project, after the client's expressed request for quick delivery. HSBC was very satisfied and after the completion of the Due Diligence they proceeded with the buyout of 50% of The Mall.

The scope of work included: Assessment of the electromechanical, architectural and structural Designs / Assessment of permits / Inspection of the Building M&E installations, general condition, conformity with regulations / Audit of the "As Built" drawings / Assessment of the installed equipment / Review of maintenance contracts / Environmental Audit / Health and Safety Regulations Audit.

Platia Business Trade Centre

Retail, Offices and Leisure, Thessaloniki, Greece

Architectural Design

At the heart of Thessaloniki, lies the Platia commercial and business centre, a striking 20,000m² building with neoclassical charm and modern infrastructure. Two basic elements characterized the project and the form of the building. The first was the location of the complex in the city’s historical, commercial and administrative centre, while the second was that it should keep the two listed facades of former Austrian-Greek tobacco company.

The building was developed through the entire 4,811m² site in an enclosed shape that forms an interior piazza/atrium. The functions are distributed throughout the ground floor eight floors aboveground and a four storey underground parking area, and are accompanied with all the necessary customer service, storage and electromechanical service areas.  The three first floors consist of shops while the other six floors are used for office areas and functions such as cinemas, bowling etc. Key parts of the building were constructed exclusively out of metal while the interior facades were clad with red decorative brick.
The project was 50% in collaboration with K. Kyriakidis and Associates S.A.

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