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Consultants for Construction Contracts S.A.

EXARCHOU & ASSOCIATES S.A. offers extensive construction contract and construction claims consulting services worldwide. Having participated in projects with a total construction value of over€, Exarchou & Associates has wide experience in all stages of construction, preparation of tender documents for all types of construction contracts (FIDIC, PPP, BOT etc.).Contractors turn to EXARCHOU & ASSOCIATES S.A. to assist them in evaluating risk at the tender stage and manage the contractual and legal issues during construction so as to deliver the Project on time, within budget and to the extent possible with no litigation.

Construction Claims

In almost all construction contracts worldwide, contractors cannot avoid raising claims. The manner and method by which claims are handled can make the difference in the success of the Project not only in relation to its financial outcome but to the timely and proper performance of the works. EXARCHOU & ASSOCIATES' approach to claim resolution is focused on resolving construction disputes before they escalate to Arbitration/Litigation level. EXARCHOU & ASSOCIATES' multidiscipline staff of attorneys, Engineers, Contract Administrators and Accountants, provide the firm with the ability to provide detailed cost and damages assessment, delay of disruption analysis, drafting of claims, negotiating resolution of such claims, provide assistance for conducting adjudications and mediations in order for the contractors to exhaust all chances to avoid litigation.


Litigation and Consulting
Should litigation be unavoidable and depending on the jurisdiction and the litigation forum, EXARCHOU & ASSOCIATES S.A. provides through its attorneys - experienced exclusively in International Construction disputes - assistance to represent the Employer and/or Contractor in any arbitration worldwide, in close co-operation of local attorneys with whom EXARCHOU & ASSOCIATES S.A. have co-operated successfully in the past. In cases brought before Courts, EXARCHOU & ASSOCIATES S.A. can provide claim analysis and construction law expertise to the local legal consultants of the client or the legal consultants that EXARCHOU & ASSOCIATES S.A. will employee for and on behalf of the client. EXARCHOU & ASSOCIATES' experienced attorneys, Engineers and contract administrators can prepare claims, request for arbitration, rebuttals as well as all other document and services needed in a construction dispute.


The company has been involved in projects in a number of countries such as Greece, U.A.E., Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Lebanon, Algeria, Jordan, Libya and Romania.

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