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Development & Engineering Consultants S.A.

The firm was originally established in 1974 as DENCO, DEVELOPMENT AND ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS Ltd., through the merger of two Greek consulting firms:

'FRANTZESKAKIS AND ASSOCIATES LTD' Transportation and Traffic Consultants

& 'V. KOLIAS -C. TZANOS LTD' Engineering Consultants


In 2006 the legal status of the firm was modified to that of an S.A. company. Today with over 60 employees DENCO S.A. is one of the largest Greek consulting firms specializing primarily in structural, marine and transportation engineering. From 1995 to 2002, DENCO also maintained branch offices in Dubai, Bahrain and S. Arabia. During the last four decades DENCO has carried out numerous large scale projects in Greece and in Middle East as well as smaller projects in other European countries, Africa, Asia and Central America.

Under its present structure DENCO S.A. has offered consultancy services with studies, designs and supervision of construction on an international level both as an independent firm and through its branch offices as well as in joint venture with other local firms or consulting agencies.

DENCO S.A. is a founding member of the association of Greek Consulting Companies (HELLASCO) and is registered with the Ministry of Infrastructure, Transportation and Networks with the highest level of Design Certification for all fields of its expertise. DENCO S.A. officially applies a Quality System according to ISO 9001:2000 for Consulting and Design Services in the fields of Structural engineering, Marine engineering, Airport Planning and Design, Transportation Planning, Transportation Infrastructure engineering and Traffic engineering since 28th May 2003, certified by TUV Hellas (Certificate Registration No. 04 100 030871).

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